Planting trees 🌱 and more...

[PRISM] Products △🌈

When you purchase different [PRISM] color products you help the world in the following ways.

[Nature Lover] Why do we plant trees? 🌳


Trees are awesome they eat the C form CO₂ which cools the earth, cleans air and makes O₂. They prevent floods and erosion, provide shelter for wildlife and much more ...

Because we care about our planet and we love spending time in nature. We plant trees with Eden Reforestation Projects
1 for every order you make and 10 for [PRISM] Nature Lover products. 


Why do we support mental [Wellness]? 🧠🛁

One in four people suffers from a mental health problem and one third of those are not responding to standard treatments. (So it's highly probable you know someone in that category.)

Mental health crisis in on the rise. More and more young people have suicidal thoughts. And we seem not to have a solution to that. Or do we ...? 🍄

Psychedelics have long been known to have healing properties and now finally thanks to the research we can say for certain they are much more effective in treating some disorders than conventional methods. 

Still a lot of research is needed to convince lawmakers and that's why we donate part of the profit from products in the Wellness category to PSYRES.


More help from [PRISM] on the way! 🌍 

In the future we will introduce more [PRISM] colors to support different charitable purposes. 🎨